Dr. Amy Ellis

Development and Growth Strategist, SCP & Associates

  1. Amy Ellis, Ed. D is founder, SCP & Associates and director of Center for Community Schools at University of Central Florida. Ellis lives by embodying the philosophy iterated by Robert Ingersoll, “We rise by lifting others,” and it is with this ideology that she has shaped her life’s work. Whether engaged with youth or partners, writing blogs or music, leading initiatives or coaching individuals, she is dedicated to elevating intention and raising the consciousness of those around her.
  2. Ellis has over two decades of experience in leading the development of frameworks aimed to advance systems of practice; studying and honing needle-moving strategies; and harnessing the power of collectives. Proficient in start-ups and scale-ups, she worked for five years as a senior administrator for Orange County Public Schools, where she successfully launched the first community school of its kind in Florida: Evans High School, A Community Partnership School. Ellis has since grown Florida’s community school initiative from this single building concept in 2009 to a26-site statewide model.
  3. That work engaged three distinct but complementary elements to ensure quality, fidelity, and continuous improvement: guiding and supporting implementation that aligned to those standards; and developing and implementing a comprehensive assessment and evaluation system that directly informs policy and practice. Recognizing this growth and commitment to quality, the legislature has increased investment in the project since 2004 to over $7.1 million per year.
  4. As a highly sought-after leader, facilitator, and coach, Ellis consults with institutions, organizations, groups, and individuals eager to reach their next level of evolution. Grounded in research and psycho-spiritual principles governing natural progress, she weaves wisdom and practice to assist others in imagining possibilities and clarifying their next steps, setting a vision for their grandest selves, and forging forward toward an inspiring future. “We are one ”backbones Ellis’s efforts, knowing that as she helps to strengthen and grow others, the greater good must rise.