Systems and Operations-Level Consultation

SCP & Associates provide systems- and operations-level consultation to augment efficiencies and improve practice.  Associates review existing systems- and operations-level frameworks and provide feedback to streamline communication, alignment, and integration strategies.     

Leveling Up Reviews

SCP & Associates reviewers conduct Leveling Up Reviews to better understand how an organization is performing and to identify next steps toward an elevated future. Review entails an external team gathering perspectives of key stakeholders (staff, board, clients), identifying and analyzing trends, and reflecting key findings back to the leadership with the intention of setting vision, clarifying next steps, and advancing practice. Review includes strengths, growth opportunities, challenges impeding progress, and top recommendations.

Intern-Organizational Asset Mapping and Needs Assessments

Knowing the internal assets and needs of your organization is imperative to growth. Who’s untapped potential is not being utilized? What core collective needs are not met by current structures, and what can be done to respond? SCP & Associates taps into assets and needs as an approach to elevating the collective.


Strategic Discussion Facilitation

Intentional team discussions to set strategic course toward a desired future is key to overall success. SCP & Associates facilitates strategy conversations to help align teams in core vision, mission, and values; team goals and objectives; roles and responsibilities; function and purpose.



SCP & Associates offer trainings infused with needle-moving best practices. Does your organization need training to align team members or improve practice? SCP & Associates offers trainings in such areas as collaborative/adaptive leadership; aligning to common purpose; diversity, equity, and inclusion; virtual teaming; tetra mapping and personality leanings in action; interviewing techniques; empowering a collective.


Leadership Coaching

SCP & Associates offers coaching for leaders at all levels. We believe every person within an organization is a leader, and it is in raising individuals that we synergize the collective. Through a systematic process of coaching through thoughtful self and organizational reflection, performance barriers can be removed so individual leadership practices improve.